Electronic Safety Programs



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We do Cor and Se-Cor safety programs for all industries. We also do them in All Four Western Provinces. No matter where you are we can help you with all  your safety needs.
The electronic safety program was built by a safety auditor not a computer guy. this will mean you will find it easy to use and more directly right to the point.

ISO 9001

We are a full service Safety provider from simple safety programs to onside safety supervision and project managers. Whatever your safety needs we can help so just call (800)257-9037.

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Cor Safety Programs

We actively coach companies to help them achieve a cor rating for their company. We build the safety manual and then help them with the daunting task of implementing it.

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Se-Cor Safety Programs

We help companies get set up initially on isnetworld.
This can be a challenge because they don’t want what is normally in your safety manual. What they want is Technical information.

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